Boys Action teachers

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Wil Boom
Founder and teacher

Elise Boom
Founder and teacher technique

Mischa Boom
Choreographer / teacher acrobatics

Sophie Jetten
Choreographer / teacher modern dance

Rudsel Cameron
Choreographer / teacher Break Dance

  • Extra information:
  • Wil
    Wil was born in Venlo, The Netherlands in 1950 and emigrated to South Africa in 1953. He completed high school in 1969 and studied to become a structural designer. During high school and technical college he won many provincial championships as a gymnast. He represented the South African National Gymnastics Team internationally from 1969 to 1973. Wil became South African National Gymnastic Champion in 1972 and started dancing at amateur level in this period. He returned to the Netherlands in 1978.

    Currently Wil is choreographing and teaching at:
    • On Y Danse
    • Boys Action
    • Les Papilions, Groesbeek
    • De Lindenberg, centrum voor de kunsten, Nijmegen
    • ArtEZ Conservatory Music Theatre
    • Stedelijk Lyceum in Enschede


    1984 - successfully completed a four year teachers training at the Dance Academy in Arnhem, majoring in classical ballet and specializations caractére dance and jazz dance.

    1982 - Together with Elise Boom Schoeman he founded 'On Y Danse Theater Dansstudio' in Arnhem, Netherlands. For this dancing center Wil is teaching classical ballet, modern jazz dance and boys classes.

    1983 to 1988 - teacher jazz dance en caractére at the high school in Enschede, Netherlands.

    1984 to 1987 - choreographer/repetitor/balletmaster for Opera Forum(currently known as 'Het Nationale Reisopera') in productions such as Die Lustige Witwe, Fledermaus, Carmen en Die Verkafte Braut which was broadcasted live by the KRO.

    1988 tot 1991 - repetitor/balletmaster/productionleader with Djazzex Modern Jazz Dance Company in The Hague, Netherlands.

    1992 till 1993 - free lance repetitor for Introdans, Arnhem, The Netherlands.

    1995 - choreographer of the opening and closing ceremony of the 'World Scouting Jamboree' in Dronte, The Netherlands.

    1998 - choreographer for the opening ceremony of city Arnhem's football stadium "Gelredome".

    2001 - founded Boys Action with the production of "Boys Only" with 60 boys dancing on stage.

    2002 - choreographer of "Boys meet Girl" for Boys action, in which approximately 70 boys had a dance encounter with individual girls.

    2003 - choreographer of "Boys and Girls" for Boys action, a mixed group of 90 boys and 15 girls.

    2004 - choreographer of "Buumi, the prophecy" an evening filling performance created for the Finnish National Opera Ballet School and The Vaanta Dance Institute with 70 boys.

    With students from his school, On Y Danse, Wil Boom represented the province of Gelderland at the National Amateur Dance Festivals in 1987, 1991, 1993 and 1995.
  • Elise
    PABO (Teachers Training College) Dance teacher and
    Student Career Counsellor

    Preparatory school ArtEZ, Coordinator Dance Department

    Teacher Ballet at On Y Danse and Boys Action

    LEF project De Lindenberg, Nijmegen, Artistic director. Co-founder Boys Action, Stichting Arnhems Theater for recreational dance. Producer of productions:’Boys Only, ‘Boys meet girl’ and ‘Boys and Girls’

    Introdans, Arnhem. Engaged as a dancer and teacher for educational projects.
    1993 to 2000 engaged as the rehearsal director, ballet master and performance manager

    Preparatory school, Conservatory Enschede, teacher modern dance

    On Y Dance, Arnhem. Co-founder and teacher of ballet, jazz and modern dance

    Brixton Primary School, Johannesburg, South Africa. Teacher Special Education
  • Mischa
    Applied acrobatics to dance education for boys by Mischa Boom
    In my experience boys are keen at showing off, especially their tricks, whether it is on stage or to their friends at school. During the acrobatic classes we work on the technical level and the quality of execution of different tricks. To effectively acquire this, it is of utmost importance that the muscular strength and flexibility of the boy is in a healthy balance. Therefore I find it equally as important to, not only train the trick, but to also train the quality, strength and flexibility so as to develop the boys further then the trick alone.
    For example:
    if a handstand is still being executed with bent arms it will almost be impossible to perform an effortless flic flak with the required quality so as to execute a summersault afterwards.
    Most important for me are thus the basic elements: quality of movement, strength and flexibility.
    Furthermore during my classes the boys are given ample opportunity to implement their creativity and have a input in the movement material.
    Besides promoting perseverance, core stability and partnering this way of working enables a choreographer to integrate these 'tricks' as dance elements in his creations.
  • Sophie
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  • Rudsel
    Teaching approach to Break Dance by Rudsel Cameron
    It is a well known fact and scientifically proven that boys and girls differ in their development. For example the difference in the hormonal balance. Because boys have more testosterone they are inclined to be more energetic and have a greater movement urge than girls.
    These differences are taken into account during my Break Dance classes. I challenge the boys to stretch their boundaries and to surpass each other in a sporting manner.
    Break Dance is very attractive to boys. It is a very 'tough guy' culture in which the dancers are trying to outdo each other with their dance moves. Since boys generally tend to want to do 'tough guy' things, breakdance is a suitable dance style to accommodate these natural needs of boys.
    During the classes I give a lot of attention to discipline as well as respect for the dancing profession. Nowadays there is a tendency to be famous just to be famous. On the contrary during my classes I motivate the boys to focus on dance. It should be about passion, amazement and respect for the profession. They are urged to structurally to do physical exercises to promote agility and strength. In short: the boys are stimulated, in a responsible way, to perform to the maximum of their abilities.
Boys Action
Cronjéstraat 5
6814 AG Arnhem
The Netherlands
Tel: + 31 6 81815877
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